Announcement: Changes to RapidPro's User Interface

July 28, 2015

Experienced users of RapidPro will notice significant changes that were pushed last week. These changes to the flow builder were implemented to better accommodate structured forms and other functions for the future. You'll notice there are now more options and control over what you can do with the information you receive from Contacts. 

What's gone (as you knew it):

  • Run these rules against a different variable
  • Open ended response
  • Multiple choice response
  • Numeric response

What's the same:

When somebody arrives at this point in your flow, you can still:

  • Add a label to a Message
  • Update the contact
  • Add contact to a group
  • Remove contact from a group
  • Make a call to an external server
  • Send an email
  • Set language for contact
  • Start another flow
  • Start someone else in a flow

If you're in an SMS Flow, you can also:

  • Send an SMS response
  • Send an SMS to somebody else

And if you're in a voice/IVR Flow, you can also:

What's new: 

Previously, you would click and drag the red box at the bottom of the message to tell RapidPro what kind of response you wanted to collect: open ended, multiple choice, or numeric. RapidPro would automatically default to an Action if you had set a Rule, and a Rule if you had set an Action. Now, you can implement multiple Rules and Actions in a Step. 

If you want to gather information from Contacts, click Flow icon in the top, right corner of the dialogue (circled in red below):


Select 'Wait for response', name your variable, then categorise those responses.


An open ended response can be gathered this way:


You will notice that you won't have the option to programme anything for 'Other' because any response is acceptable. 

A numeric response can be gathered this way:


Any response that doesn't have a number will be categorised as 'Other'.

And a multiple choice response can be gathered this way:


Any response that doesn't start with a, b, or c will be categorised as 'Other'.

More information is coming! Please be patient as we update the knowledge base accordingly. 


Kalee McFadden

Technical Writer at UNICEF Innovation