Changes to RapidPro UI: @ and =

Oct. 23, 2015

In an effort to make the process of adding expressions to flows more intuitive, we’ve changed the input method from = to @ and added a completion dialogue that lists and explains each function when @( is written in any window:  @
To escape the variable and function dialogue, simply add an additional @ to the text. For example, @@twitter will evaluate to@twitter when a message is sent. 

With these new changes, what was previously written as =UPPER( or|upper is now written @(UPPER(

Variable substitution remains the same, so @contact and are unchanged. That means you don't have to worry about your flows that return a contact's name (i.e. a registration flow). 

Additional examples (if flow.girlleaders=4 and flow.girlparticipants=90)

  • =(@flow.girlleaders./@flow.girlparticipants.) returns =(4./90.)
  • =(@flow.girlleaders/@flow.girlparticipants) returns =(4/90)
  • @(@flow.girlleaders./@flow.girlparticipants.) returns @(@flow.girlleaders./@flow.girlparticipants.)
  • @(flow.girlleaders/flow.girlparticipants*100) returns 4.444444444
  • @(FIXED(flow.girlleaders/flow.girlparticipants*100,1)) returns 4.4