New feature: exporting Flow Results with Contact Fields

April 11, 2016

You may remember this post which explained how you can merge contacts with flow results outside RapidPro using UUIDs as reference. It works, but it’s not really ideal: there are quite a bit of steps involved and using VLOOPUP to merge files isn’t that simple.

But here is the good news: RapidPro just got an update to the flow export process to give users more control over the information to export. By default, flow exports will now include the latest result for each contact that has passed through the flow. In addition, you may optionally include up to 10 contact fields whose values will also be exported with each run, or choose to only export results for those contacts who responded.

Though the process is self-explanatory, here is a quick guide on how to use this new feature.

1. When your contacts interact with a flow, their responses are stored as flow results which you can access by selecting "Results" from the gear icon drop-down menu in the flow editor.

2. The results page will provide a "Download Results" button in addition to listing each contact that has interacted with the flow and the number of runs they've made. Passage through a flow from entrance to exit - and all activity that takes place in between - constitutes a run.

Export flow results.png

3. After clicking the "Download Results" button, you will see a page where you can select which contact fields and results  to include in the export file. This looks like this:

You can include up to 10 contact fields whose values will also be exported with each run. Note that you can select multiple fields by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the fields you’re interested in.

In addition, you can choose to only export results for contacts that have responded, include all messages sent and received in the flow, and/or include all runs for each contact.

4. Once you click “Export” a prompt will appear indicating that a link to the page where you can download your results has been sent to the email address attached to your account. The downloaded file will contain both flow results and contact fields you selected above.

If you’ve included messages and runs in your export, you will see these as additional sheets in your export file:

Hope you found this post useful. Please do let us know in case of comments or questions.