Updated RapidPro Technical Documentation Resources

June 28, 2019

Two RapidPro Technical Documentation knowledge bases are available for use by the RapidPro Community. Nyaruka and Ilhasoft—RapidPro vendors with years of experience supporting UNICEF programmes—have each developed practical, interactive and accessible learning resources for a variety of users. Nyaruka and Ilhasoft update the resources regularly, so it is recommended that you explore both knowledge bases. 

The documentation overview below describes the content provided by each vendor, including their support mechanisms.

1. Nyaruka's Technical Documentation Overview

Nyaruka developed the platform TextIt, which became adopted as RapidPro. Considering this, Nyaruka has specialized knowledge of how RapidPro's features will be used within the programmatic context and across different use cases. 

The documentation covers the following topics:

Support Mechanism: Nyaruka's chatbot is available to query specific information or to speak directly with their support team. If the available documentation is limited in meeting your needs, you also have the option of sending Nyaruka's Support Team a message, which is typically answered in a few hours. 

2. Ilhasoft Technical Documentation Overview 

Ilhasoft has its own instance of RapidPro and has also provided services to UNICEF programmes for several years. Ilhasoft's technical documentation platform was launched in 2019, therefore it is not as extensive as Nyaruka's documentation. However, Ilhasoft's team disseminates weekly news on features with tangible examples that align with programmes needs. 

Information is available on the following topics:

Support Mechanism: Ilhasoft provides a contact form, which can be used to directly contact their support team. Ilhasoft's support team usually responds to inquires in a few hours. 

Richaela Primus

Technical Writer, UNICEF RapidPro Team