U-Partners: Management Dashboard for U-Report

Sept. 18, 2015


In July 2015, an additional functionality was introduced to U-Report in the form of the U-Partners dashboard. This dashboard enables direct issuing of reports to authorities and “channels of influence” to quickly address actual service delivery challenges at the local level; this will include strengthening the U-Report networks themselves to enhance use of this information organizationally.

The U-Partners tool enables partners to set up keyword ‘labels’ that enable partners to monitor, respond and flag important messages and questions.  The functionality operates independently of the poll functionality U-Report is well known for.  The U-Partners dashboard is automatically available along with all the other U-Report features. Though specifically developed for U-Report, the dashboard can be used across all RapidPro Apps.

U-Partners was developed following the identified need for U-Report partners to be able to collaboratively manage the enormous amounts of unsolicited messages that are coming in. Unsolicited messages are messages that are not attached to a Flow or Trigger in RapidPro. If a U-Reporter for instance sends in a message that RapidPro was not expecting, the message will be considered unsolicited and it will be forwarded to the U-Partners dashboard for case management.  Once there, it will be automatically assigned to partners through labels based on keywords. Administrators are able to view all unsolicited messages, whether or not they are labelled, while partners can only view labels that are assigned to their organization.

How the labeling looks like is illustrated below. U-Partners Labeling

In the screenshot below we see a number of questions that were captured in the U-Partners dashboard related to HIV/AIDS. The partner assigned to deal with these types of message can respond to the questions directly. Note that the U-Reporter contact information is anonymized.U-Partners Case Management

More information on U-Partners and its functionalities can be found here. The codebase that runs U-Partners is called CasePro and is maintained on Github.