What sets RapidPro apart from other software platforms is that anyone anywhere in the world can design, implement, manage, modify, and analyse a complex interactions with millions of mobile users in real-time without technical assistance from a software engineer. Plus, RapidPro is a free and open source software!


Channels are used to send and receive messages. This includes SMS, voice, and social media. New channels are always being added to RapidPro.


Flows let you see how RapidPro end-users will move through the a set of interactions based on their responses to your questions. With Flows, anybody can create complex text and voice applications without technical assistance from a programmer.


Messages work like email, so you can see incoming and outgoing messages whether or not they're attached to a flow and label them accordingly. You can do this with individuals or groups of people defined by specific characteristics.


Contacts are created any time a user with a unique phone number or account ID interacts with the system, but contacts can also be imported or added individually. New Contact Fields can be created to build a profile for your users.

Analytics_Blue.pngAnalytics display the data generated by interactions with users. View results in real-time in RapidPro or send to a customised dashboard for further visualisation, generate a custom report, or export to Excel for additional analysis. 

Campaigns allow you to automate communication with mobile users on a mass scale but with personalised Campaigns_Blue-06-05.pngmessages based on information your user provides.

Triggers_Blue.pngTriggers initiate actions in RapidPro. A trigger can be a keyword received in a text, a point in time, a missed call, or even a follow to a Twitter handle.