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RapidPro is an open source software currently being used by technology firms to power mobile-based services and create powerful solutions for clients all over the world. 

UNICEF Global Long Term Agreement (LTA) vendors for RapidPro include the following service providers: Ilhasoft, Nyaruka and Ona. The firms provide RapidPro service packages to UNICEF programmes, which include cloud hosting (Ilhasoft, Nyaruka and Ona) or on-premises hosting options (only Ona and Ilhasoft); MNO and aggregator setup; the customization of additional RapidPro applications and training opportunities. The firms also provide RapidPro services to government programmes and non-UNICEF programmes.

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IIlhasoft is a company specialized in developing mobile solutions and applications. Ilhasoft provides its own instance of RapidPro (IlhaPush), local hosting options for UNICEF country offices and government programmes and customized applications for RapidPro. 

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Nyaruka's mission is to help others with great software. Nyaruka built TextIt, which is the platform that eventually turned into RapidPro. Nyaruka has provided cloud hosting installation for many UNICEF offices around the world and other customized RapidPro applications.

Ona is a social enterprise that builds the data infrastructure to drive change. Ona provides its own instance of RapidPro, local RapidPro hosting options for UNICEF country offices and government programmes and other customized RapidPro applications.

Tech Companies Providing RapidPro Services 

Use this portal to explore more about these companies, their areas of expertise, and the services they provide to find the right company to assist you with your application of RapidPro. 

Dobility, Inc. Dobility, Inc. is the company that developed SurveyCTO, a platform for field data collection. M…

TextIt TextIt provides instant turn-key hosting of RapidPro by the original creators of the platform. Tex…

Pulilab Pulilab is a digital product design and software development company and was founded in 2011 by…

Nyaruka Nyaruka's mission is to help others with great software. We built TextIt, which is the platform…

ThoughtWorks ThoughtWorks is a global custom software company and a community of passionate and purpose-le…

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