Community Systems Foundation

Established 1963

Community Systems Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered in the USA in 1963 with experience in research and technical assistance to communities and governmental agencies. Over the past five decades, CSF has contributed to innovations in policy development, programme design, project monitoring, evaluation methodologies, institution building and management training.

Our vision is to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need through solutions that protect and promote well-being in every community. Our mission is to improve quality of life through applied research and technical assistance to communities by pioneering solutions that yield measurable results. We seek to learn how to tap the great potential of education and technology to improve lives around the world. We believe that it is only in partnership with the community that experts can begin to bring the tools of modern science to bear effectively on efforts to improve the quality of life. We strive for excellence through continuous quality improvement. 

The cornerstone of our strategic approach is the development and application of techniques to help communities gain a better understanding of their development environment and to thereby help determine how to attain their goals. A common element in our repertoire of techniques is community learning which involves members of the community in all program phases – problem definition, program design, resource procurement, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation – with the ultimate objective of vesting in the community the skills and knowledge necessary to address not only the problem at hand but also the unforeseen problems of the future.

We treat important human development problems and their potential solutions as systemic community issues which are often not served well by existing institutions alone. We help communities decipher complex development problems that, from the outset, are often not well understood. We strive to design and implement engaging educational exercises and programmes devoted to promoting accurate assessments of commitments and needs throughout the world. We help provide access to timely and relevant information that is necessary for sustainable solutions. We help close data gaps and improve data quality. We help transform data into information, information to knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. 

CSF has experience applying RapidPro to solutions in the education sector, where stakeholders seek means of ensuring quality inputs are provided in a timely and transparent manner.  In addition, CSF is applying RapidPro technologies to strengthen civil society engagement in UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) process.  These solutions are being tested locally and will soon made available globally for customization and application.