Dobility, Inc.

Established 2012

Dobility, Inc. is the company that developed SurveyCTO, a platform for field data collection. More broadly, it is a technology company dedicated to a social mission: to promote more and better research and analysis in the world by providing affordable, human-usable technology. We focus in particular on helping to build technology solutions that play some small role in the achievement of social aims. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, the company also has staff in Greece, Romania, and Zambia.

The company’s primary software – SurveyCTO – is currently used in 50+ countries for various development, mHealth, research, and M&E projects that use smartphones or tablets to collect and manage data and survey teams in field settings, especially in resource constrained settings. SurveyCTO is built using open standards, allowing users to integrate additional systems and apps (such as SMS gateways, SMS apps like RapidPro, hardware sensors, external databases, or other Android apps) with the platform to build complete, scaleable solutions that meet their needs.