iTech Mission

Established 2016

iTech Mission Private Limited (iTM) is a social impact startup technology firm that combines strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions that consistently break new ground for public good. We deliver high-quality work through our focus on bidirectional communication, responsive customer service, client education, accurate project management, product quality, and an ethical approach to business. 

iTM specializes in providing end-to-end open-source solutions with services that bring together content/data and technology, this facilitates an enhanced digital experience for its clients. iTM has a expert team of unrelenting professionals delivering cutting-edge technologies and showcases market driven innovative applications.

iTM's management has been involved in successful implementation of development projects, organizational development in international settings, change management and developing technical training programs and plans for working groups. Our management has assisted public institutions in the development of enhanced data management techniques and tools. We have deep understanding of UN programme and M&E systems.