Established 2012

TextIt provides instant turn-key hosting of RapidPro by the original creators of the platform. TextIt runs the very latest version of RapidPro and provides hosting and support for hundreds of organizations across the world.

With a year of hosting and 1,000 credits free with every account, you will be able to instantly join the RapidPro community and start building flows in just a few minutes.

TextIt provides top tier support from a team dedicated to the RapidPro platform. As the original authors of RapidPro, we understand every decision made in its design and can help you model your flows and campaigns in the best possible way. If you run into any problems you will know that you have the industry's experts on your side to help you resolve it.

TextIt has experience in connecting to carriers around the world and provides connectivity to Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo and dozens of other aggregators.

Get started today and create your free account at TextIt.in.