Empowering expectant mothers with information and reminders: Prospera Digital

Launched: December 2015

In Mexico, Prospera Digital was designed to enhance the way in which Prospera (the largest social policy and cash transfer programme in the country) relates with its 7 million beneficiaries through mobile technology. Prospera Digital, designed in close collaboration with the Government of Mexico, aims to reduce maternal and childhood mortality. 

Personalised text messages provide expectant mothers with important information about healthy habits during pregnancy; help them identify signs of concern; and reminds them to attend their medical check-ups, take nutritional supplements and establish an emergency plan with their family for the moment of delivery. The service also enables them to hold health service providers accountable and evaluate the quality of care received in their local clinics. 

Launched in December 2015, Prospera Digital has since reached 326 clinics in five states, serving 2,653 pregnant women. The project was designed as a randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of the intervention in the health of future mothers and their babies. If successful,it will be scaled by the Mexican government nationwide.