Launch of U-Report Burkina Faso

Launched: March 2016

On Thursday, March 31st in Ouagadougou, the Government of Burki na Faso and UNICEF launched U-Report Burkina Faso. The Ministry of Youth chaired the official ceremony on behalf of the Prime Minister.

More than 2000 dynamic young people attended the event and proved Burkina Faso is innovation-ready. U-Report is a free and anonymous SMS-based system that allows young Burkinabe to speak out about what's happening in communities across the country. It also enables them work with other community leaders for positive change. By sending the text message, ‘Burkina,’ to a toll-free number 33 50 and submitting a few personal details, anyone with a mobile phone can become a volunteer ‘U-Reporter’, sharing their observations and ideas on a wide range of development issues.

"The implementation of U-Report aims at establishing and strengthening dialogue between young people but also a communication between youth and policy makers on development issues. Which necessarily entails the participation of youth as actors and beneficiaries of the development process. " Marc Rubin, Representative Resident.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Demography, young group of 10 -24 years remain the most important part of Burkina Faso population. The needs and aspirations of this group are great and complex, raising at the same time enormous challenges for economic and social development. Indeed, young people are claiming dialogue, listening and participation in the country political and social life that was evidenced through the socio-political change underway in Burkina Faso.

UNICEF and the Government of Burkina Faso joined their efforts to find up solutions that enable adolescents and young voices and participation to decisions affecting them and strengthen their capacities to be agents of change and development in their country. This is why “It is necessary and mandatory for us, as guarantor of the welfare of youth, to take into account the legitimate concerns of this important social group in our various actions and development programs”, said the Minister of Youth, Jean-Claude Bouda, in his address before launching U-Report. For this purpose, U-Report will establish bridges between young people and with decisions makers at local, regional and national levels.

It was in an ardour of great moment and singing young people attended and celebrated the launch of U-Report. “We are excited to be U-Reporters, we are confident that it will help strengthen our participation in the development of our country. U-report is a forum to express our concerns and translate them to whom it must concern. Therefore, we celebrate this moment with the greatest joy and invite all adolescents and young people to register and be a part of the national development process”, the youth representative said.

U-Report is one of the four technologies for development innovation initiatives implemented by UNICEF Burkina Faso in health, water, education and youth participation. U-Report is designed to strengthen the capacities of young Burkinabé to make their voices heard and participate to the development of their country, empower girls and women to cope with harmful traditional practices, improve key familial practices, safe pregnancy, good maternal and new-born health and many other relevant issues to achieve better results for children and young people.

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