Real-time tracking and monitoring of education services: EduTrac

Launched: October 2011

In 2011, Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports with UNICEF designed EduTrac, an information management system now powered by RapidPro, that collects data by directly communicating with educators via SMS. This tool can be customised to any indicators which need to be tracked, at any time. A question designed by the Ministry of Education and Sports, such as the attendance of boys and girls in Primary 3 that day, is sent out over SMS to educators free of charge. Teachers respond within 24 hours, and the incoming data is processed and displayed on an online dashboard to district and national-level education officers.

The result: direct access to actionable data. Instead of waiting for the annual school census, the Ministry of Education and Sports can immediately respond to needs with supplies and support, and utilise the aggregate data to produce evidence-based policy. EduTrac also powerfully enables teachers to communicate directly with District Education Officers as well as the Ministry. After years of successful deployment in 3,500 schools across 34 districts, EduTrac is planned for handover to the Ministry of Education and Sports for nationwide scale-up.