Launched: April 2015


Powered by RapidPro, U-Report is an app designed to engage communities. U-Report Global engages U-Reporters from around the world who want to affect change for the international community and make a better life for everyone.

U-Report Global is run on Twitter. Registration is voluntary, free, and open to everyone. Once a U-Reporter has followed @UReportGlobal, polls and alerts are sent via Direct Message. Responses are received through Direct Message, communicated to RapidPro, and mapped on the ureport.in dashboard so that individual messages are confidential but aggregated data are transparent.

Results and ideas are shared back with the community.

Step 1


If you don't have a Twitter account go to www.twitter.com to create one.

Step 2


Search for @UReportGlobal in the search box on Twitter and click the follow button to join.

Step 3


Registration messages will be sent to your Direct Message box.

Step 4


Once you have answered the questions, you have become a Global U-Reporter!

U-Report was originally launched over SMS by UNICEF Uganda in May 2011. It is now live in 15 countries, connecting almost one million voices with their governments over SMS and/or Twitter. 

These countries are: Brazil, Burkina FasoBurundi, Cameroon, CAR, ChileDRC, GuineaIndonesia, IrelandLiberia, Mali, Mexico, MozambiqueNigeria, PakistanSenegal, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Uganda, UkraineZambia*, Zimbabwe.  

UNICEF is preparing to launch U-Report in Chad, Ghana, Jordan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. 

* Denotes the transition to the RapidPro platform is in progress.