UNICEF Zambia mVaccination Pilot in Mazabuka and Sinazongwe

Launched: June 2017


UNICEF Zambia works with stakeholders at the community, district, national, and global level to define requirements and identify appropriate solutions for information management systems that can improve vaccine delivery and immunization coverage through improved collection, reporting, and usage of data. 

The Ministry of Health with the support from UNICEF Zambia is implementing an innovation for Reaching Every Child through the use of mobile technology. The goal of the project is to increase immunization awareness, improve access to and sustain utilization of immunization services through RapidPro. The platform will enable health facilities to share updates on immunization including general knowledge and scheduling of services with the community/caregivers, whilst enabling timely collection of immunization data and follow up of care givers to reduce drop-out rates. In addition, RapidPro will also support vaccine stock management through real -time monitoring. The mVaccination initiative is planned for piloting initially in two selected districts (Mazabuka & Sinazongwe) in the southern province of Zambia.

RapidPro Training.jpeg

The key interventions focus on:

  • Intervention 1: Functional SMS platform [captures required information for the child]
  • Intervention 2: Caregivers have increased knowledge on types of and benefits of immunization services - Demand creation
  • Intervention 3: Health facility systems and skills to provide timely monitoring and use of Immunization data for action - Supply factors


                                                              Dashboard mockup

 With ongoing support from GIC, the project has made progress as follows:

  • The schemas for the respect modules are developed
  • Nyaruka has been engaged to deploy RapidPro
  • RapidPro has been set-up, is being field tested and customized according to the specific needs and requirements of program
  • The UNICEF Zambia Team and Ministry of Health are developing a training plan for frontline health workers in the mVaccination Initiative

The pilot will launch in the beginning of August 2017.