RapidPro Apps

Apps are typically built in RapidPro and use the RapidPro features: 

  • Flows to register users, send polls, report indicators, and group chat
  • A Channel to support two-way communication over SMS, voice, and/or social media
  • Contacts and Groups to manage and organise users
  • Triggers to initiate an action based on a keyword, a point in time, a missed call, a message not handled by another trigger or flow, or a social media action

In real-time, these RapidPro features are used to send and receive data that are also sent to a dashboard where they can be aggregated and displayed for the public or for partners. Combined with a standard package of flows (registration, polls, monitoring, group chat), campaigns, and triggers, these elements define a use case for RapidPro. 

An example of an app powered by RapidPro is U-Report. U-Report uses SMS channels and/or Twitter, creates groups of contacts through standard registration flows, communicates with contacts over weekly polls, and typically is triggered by a keyword like 'join'. Data from U-Report are sent to a dashboard where U-Reporters can view results and engage with content beyond weekly polls and results. Unsolicited messages are sent to a separate dashboard where partners can open cases and track management of those cases. 

Apps can be shared across multiple RapidPro accounts and can be adapted to meet your needs in any context, in any sector.


Through the APIs, RapidPro can be linked to a number of dashboards developed for UNICEF country offices.

RapidPro Dashboards are separate pieces of software that extend and streamline the capabilities of RapidPro for a particular purpose. Using RapidPro’s APIs, these products enable advanced user/data management, granular access controls, and additional features that add value to certain approaches that RapidPro supports. Most of the core capabilities of these tools are core capabilities of RapidPro -- these products seek to formalize certain commonly used paradigms that are possible with RapidPro. Think of these as add-ons that focus the power and capabilities of RapidPro for specific purposes:

Engage youth beyond weekly U-Report polls

Lightweight, collaborative case management with partners based on keywords and labels

Display results from regular reporting of indicators over time among a known group of reporters

Feedback about the delivery, quantity, and quality of goods from UNICEF country programmes to implementing partners, sub-consignees, and end users against the targeted quantity and value of supplies initiated in VISION

Closed SMS chat rooms with moderation from the dashboard